About Tran

Registered & Accredited Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Owner of Acusense Health Clinic

Hello, my name is Tran. I'm here to enable all that's great about you.

I have enjoyed practising Chinese medicine since 1999. My earliest influence on health was through my mum. Mum was a wonderful cook. She took much care and effort to prepare nutritious and hearty meals from fresh, whole ingredients. We ate such a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I thought this was a typical diet until I got teased at school for eating a “tomato” when I was really enjoying a sweet and juicy persimmon fruit. I later learned that my family grew up on a Lagoon in Vietnam, where home grown fruits such as mangoes, banana, sugar cane, free range eggs, fresh water fish and prawns was the norm. Growing up in Australia, my parents spent most of their earnings on fresh produce. To them good food was not only a celebration of life, but also a source of nourishment for our health and wellbeing. This was the beginning of my journey into natural health.

My natural tendency towards health continued at school; This time on a physical and mental level. I challenged myself to compete in both school and state athletics throughout my school years; then represented Australia in 2007 Dragon boat rowing. Sports allowed me to understand my body and mind. I’m no longer competing in sports, instead allowing myself to enjoy the benefits of being fit, mobile and at peace through regular meditation practise, yoga/pilates, walking with friends, and rowing.

The strong foundation of my understanding on health and healing was built at university. However, it is my private practice and life itself that has allowed me to further my wisdom on healing. With my dedication to health and healing, I opened the Acusense Health Clinic to give people a place to nurture their wellbeing; it is found that with the right support, we can all be healthy, happy and succeed in life.

I'm here to guide and empower you to have the quality of life you potentially can. Upon meeting, I will reveal information to you to enable you to shift your thinking on food, health and lifestyle. You'll be looking at yourself in a whole new light.

Take time for your own health and wellbeing. Book now to start your journey.