Strenthen your immunity this winter

It is now more important than ever to focus our efforts on supporting our immune system to keep us healthy this winter and all year round. The cold winter months can trigger muscle joint pain, cause sinusitis and respiratory infections for those with vulnerable immune system.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and NPS Medicinewise, the overuse of antibiotics has recently led to bacteria that have developed antibiotic resistance by altering their genes after being in contact with antibiotics. T.V advertisements and billboards are all reminding us that “Antibiotics are losing their power” and that antibiotics have no effect on colds and flu. Antibiotics can also lead to the weakening of our immune system by disrupting our gut bacteria which makes part of our immune system. It makes sense to take the natural approach to support your immune function. Your wellbeing depends on an optimal immune system.

What lowers our immune function?

Our immune system is our main defence mechanism that protects us from infections and being sick. Factors that may reduce our immunity include alcohol and drugs, poor diet, stress, medications, poor hygiene, toxins and bacterial infections.

What can you do?

You can do a lot to help improve and support your immune system. Keep well hydrated, get adequate nutrition, manage your daily stress levels, reduce/avoid toxins entering your body through breathing clean mountain, sea air or walk in the park, improve your digestive system, exercise or keep active regularly, practice good hygiene by keeping your hands clean and covering yourself when coughing and staying home when you are sick, get plenty of rest/quality sleep, keep yourself warm and protected from the wind/cold, take herbal medicine, have acupuncture.

Take charge of your immunity today for a healthy tomorrow. Come into our clinic and get yourself sorted today.

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