Overextended? Do you need a break?

There are so many things to do but very little time to do them’ - You think to yourself, feeling overwhelmed. You feel exhausted and demotivated. It feels like you have been doing a lot but accomplishing very little. Your mind is racing ahead thinking about what needs to be done next.

Are you aware that you may be overextending at work or in other areas of your life and as such causing much unhappiness, ill-health and low productivity? You may be wondering why you’ve come to hate the work you once enjoyed, or take for granted those loved ones in your life. If things are going out of balance, then it’s most definite that it is time to take a break. This means pausing to unwind, recharge and regain your energy and mental clarity so you can get back on a healthy track again.

How do you know you need a break?

1.      You feel emotional – anxious, irritable, worried, angry, depressed, confused, scattered, defensive, over-sensitive and reactive to others. The feeling doesn’t go away.

2.      You can’t concentrate on the task at hand. You get easily distracted with a million thoughts running through your head.

3.      You have difficulty making decisions.

4.      You complain a lot. That there is not enough hours in a day! Everyday activity is a major effort.

5.      You don’t have a social life. You either don’t have the energy to have fun or can’t ‘seem to find the time’ to be with your friends.

6.      You experience a lack of energy and have difficulty sleeping or always wanting to sleep, but can never get enough sleep. In addition, your body feels heavy, achy and in pain. You may experience bowel changes (either constipation or loose bowel motion) and digestive complaints (lack of appetite, bloating, reflux etc).

7.      You haven’t been exercising in months. You used to exercise, but now think that you need to spend the 30 minutes at work and instead of on your wellbeing.

8.      You fear change. You get anxious and stressed by the thought of a change. You want to control every part of your life. You only feel comfortable with a daily routine and are not spontaneous.

9.      You get sick often. Your body is run-down, but you are not aware of this and its consequences until it is too late.

What can you do for yourself?

Identifying the signs that you are overextending yourself is just the beginning. You now need to make a decision:

1. Do you continue as you are and risk further damage to your health and wellbeing OR 2. Give our-self the break you urgently need?

There are many reasons as to why you will not give your-self the break you desperately need. At the heart of it underlies the fact that you feel and/or believe you don’t deserve it or that it is not important and therefore does not warrant your attention now.

A break does not need to be anything extravagant. Giving your-self a breath of fresh air or some quiet time may be all that you need to help start the unwinding process. Going for a walk, stretching, cycling, swimming, meditating, getting a massage/acupuncture are all beneficial at helping release muscle and mental tension, soothe the heart, boost vital energy, calm nervous energy and speed up the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Now is the time to give yourself a break. Come in for a relaxing acupuncture session to support your health and wellbeing today.

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